7 Unknown Facts About the Black Dahlia Murder

All of you who believe that the murder of the Black Dahlia, a.k.a. Elizabeth Short, is still unsolved, please raise your hand. How many of you know who shot Lincoln? And finally, how many people know who killed John Kennedy?
These three unrelated assassins, but known, have gotten a follow-up of cynical and conspiracy theorists. Agreed, two of them have international implications while the third, the Black Dahlia, is best known in the United States because it relates to sensationalism at its highest splendour. There have been many mystery books written on the subject.

The folklore pushed the Black Dahlia to the state of Jack the Ripper and Lizzie Borden. But here are some interesting notes about the murder. Since it has not been prosecuted in court, we cannot condemn it now and most likely will never prosecute. And now that he is dead, he can continue as something more than the legend, but a part of the story. Here are some interesting facts:
The victim had blue eyes and brown hair and ca…
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